Why ICE Exists

This is the first annual ICE Film Festival, and we look forward to receiving submissions this year that will get the festival off the ground and Iowa City back on the map of underground film exhibition. Members of various ages, from high school students to seniors, and from all backgrounds, are encouraged to help program and run the festival. Iowa City’s tradition of experimental filmmaking and continual exhibition of international films provide the ideal setting for starting up a film fest again after Thaw’s permanent hiatus.

Mission Statement:

The Iowa City Experimental Film Festival seeks films and videos that question cinematic conventions by exposing their limitations, doing away with them altogether, or even demonstrating why they might be useful and effective in the first place. Documentary, animation, narrative, performance, abstract, hand-painted, and none-, or all-of-the-above, films and videos, are invited to expand the concept of cinema in Iowa City through the questioning of convention, hopefully putting those categories into question as well.

Picking up the reins of Thaw, ICE aims to continue to provide outlets for exhibition to films and videos that operate outside of typical commercial exhibition and distribution. Starting with Iowa City, a community that thrives on experimental filmmaking and exhibition, ICE intends to spread the reception and appreciation of international small-gauge filmmaking throughout the Midwest region. By involving Iowa City residents of many ages and backgrounds in screenings and activities associated with the festival, ICE will encourage a dialogue between international experimental filmmaking and the community.